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by Mari Monda Zdunic

This book is based on the original text by Chuck Grant - added are the pieces that Mari has picked up in her 14 years with Chuck, as well as the brainstorming, wishing and manipulating of the many horses she has trained in the years since his death. This book not only tells you how to produce the movements - but what you did to produce the undesired result...and how to remedy the situation. $100.00 + Shipping(see bottom of page)


A "how to" book on training the dressage movements from start - Training Level, to finish - Grand Prix Level. This book was written after nearly 50 years of training of every type of horse we have in America. In the course of his career, Grant trained fifteen horses to the Grand Prix level, the highest level of dressage. All of these horses were shown in recognized shows in America and ten of the fifteen were shown in national dressage trials. A "must have" if you're truly interested in learning to train your horse. $40.00 + Shipping(see bottom of page)

Chuck Grant on the Army horse Jet
at the 122nd Field Artillery Lancers

by Chuck Grant.

Are you tired of riding in circles? Then it's time to teach your horse to: bow on one knee, kneel, laydown, sit up, say yes and no, Spanish walk & trot, cross his legs, rumba, rear, ride a teeter- totter, canter to the rear and lots more - over twenty movements in all. Chuck Grant explains clearly step by step how to teach your horse the exhibition movements. The text is richly supplemented with photos which visually detail the training process. This book is the first available in the world on how you, the trainer, can teach your horse to do these fun and interesting "tricks". $40.00 + Shipping(see bottom of page)

Mari Monda Zdunic with Prussian Dudley
at The Washington International Horse Show.
Al Cook photo

This three tape video series is concentrated information, presented with patience and clarity, to allow you to accomplish your ultimate goals in training and riding your horse.Each tape is one hour long.

BASIC DRESSAGE - As Good As You Want To Be: Training for both horse and rider through level four. Covers three walks, three trots, three canters, the leg yield,two-track, suppleness and flexion, frame and pace, over- stride,transitions including flying lead changes, how to approach each task and how to accomplish it.

ADVANCED DRESSAGE - You Can Do It All:This tape works toward maximizing your horse's talent from PrixSt. Georges through Grand Prix de Dressage. We focus on becoming more precise at each of the movements learned earlier plus advanced lead changes including every stride, passage, piaffe and pirouettes. Highly recommended for beginning riders to show them where they are trying to go and for advanced riders to help them get there.

HAUTE E'COLE - Havin' Fun With HighSchool: This is a patient and efficient guide to high schooling your horse. Would you like your horse to kneel, bow, to sit up,lay down, say yes or not, Spanish Walk or cross it's legs? How about a circus bow, camel stretch, head stand, pedestal stand or "Hi Ho Silver" rear? All the tricks named above are gently taught in this program.


$69.95.00/tape + Shipping All 3 tapes $190.00 + Shipping

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