SAB Philosophy

We accept any and all types of horses for training. Shine-A-Bit Farm is the only trainingfacility in the United States that trains both Grand Prix dressage and high schooled exhibitionhorses from green to Grand Prix and holds the distinguished accomplishment of producing more American trained Grand Prix Dressage horses than any facility in the United States. Horses trained by Chuck Grant and Mari Monda Zdunic have tallied numerous regional and national rewards.For a detailed list of horses trained by Mari Monda Zdunic at Shine-A-Bit and their accomplishments, check out The Shine-A-Bit "Time Line". A walk through our barn shows the true diversity of breeds and types that we have in training.

The training and philosophy at Shine-A-Bit Farm is based on American Dressage from the heritageof the United States Army; which is a combination of the French and German Schools but largelybased on the works of James Fillis (1834-1913) of the French Calvalry School. Training isconcentrated at the softer paces to promote brilliance. Haute e'cole, or high school, movementsare introduced to help the riders' coordination - the horses' confidence. The Science and theArt must be understood before Art can be created. The Psychology of the horse centers on Actionand Reaction. The specific mechanics (science) of how to execute and train movements are clearlytaught to perpetuate the fine art of horsemanship.

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