School for Advanced Horsemanship

Founded by Chuck Grant
The Father of American Dressage
And 1997 Inductee United States
Dressage Federation Hall of Fame

Mari Monda Zdunic - Owner/Trainer

Mari Monda Zdunic riding
Prussian Dudley during an exhibition.





Shine-A-Bit Farm offers unique opportunities for you and your horse. In addition to training, we have the privilege of being able to offer books written by the late Chuck Grant who was known as The Father of American Dressage, a dressage DVD Series with Mari Monda Zdunic, thought provoking articles authored by Shine-A-Bit staff and others, clinics and classes for you and your horse, a Bulletin Board packed with great photos, and lots more. For anyone interested in horses and the psychology of training, this is the place to be.

Shine-A-Bit Farm is dedicated to the quest of understanding the psychology of the horse and we're delighted that you've stopped to visit. Enjoy your ride!

Mari Monda Zdunic is available
for clinics, seminars and exhibitions for your horse club, school, association, stable or even just a group of interested riders.

Call or write Shine-A-Bit Farm for more info.

For book and video inquiries contact Mari Monda Zdunic


Shine-A-Bit East
230 South Maxfield
Brighton, MI 48114

Shine-A-Bit West
18501 Einfeldt Rd
Nisland, SD 57762

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